Calvert County Democratic Women's Club

Megan Williams

Calvert High School

Megan plans to study Public Health at either the University of Maryland or University of California at Berkeley.



What the Democratic Party Means to Me

In my opinion, the Democratic Party represents progress and equality. We protect the rights of minorities, defend the middle class, and look out for the general safety of all people. The policies that are core values of the democratic party rest in an ethos of humanitarian ideals; we stand for nationalized health care and equal rights. Growing up, I always would watch the news and democratic debates, learning all about political divisions. Watching the news continues to spark my interest in political science and keeps me very informed about current events. This inspired me to pursue a career in public health. I was always passionate about abortions rights, believing that women should always have the right to choose. I also was firm on my stance with gun control, proposing an automatic gun ban. My beliefs, especially on those concerning public safety, shaped my career path and define true identity.

Growing up in a predominantly conservative area, although I hold liberal views myself, has been challenging. I am constantly preparing myself to defend my beliefs. In AP Government we would have debates, forcing me to think critically and explain my viewpoints. I have learned to listen to the other side of the aisle, but to always defend the beliefs that are a part of my core values. My liberal beliefs have been challenged in Calvert County, but it has made me stronger. The Democrat Party showed me how to be my own person with my own values, even when I disagree with the majority.

Printable copy of Megan's essay (PDF)

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