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Rose Lazer

Patuxent High School

Rose will be attending the University of Miami in the fall to study Psychology. She's interested in joining a political club at college. 

"University of Miami" by miamism is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The American Healthcare Experience

            For a nation often referred to as the land of the free, the United States has proven to be anything but. Something as essential as healthcare coverage costs significantly more in America than it does in other wealthy countries. In 2019, health spending per person in the United States was $10, 966, which was nearly 42% higher than Switzerland, the country with the next highest per capita spending (Kamal). Despite spending this much on healthcare, the United States has the lowest life expectancy among the 11 OECD nations and highest chronic disease burden (Tikkanen). Private health insurance is the primary form of healthcare coverage for most Americans, which often excludes many treatments and can cause complications since only doctors in the specific insurance network can be visited to be covered by the plan. Not only is the current American healthcare system insanely expensive, but the level of care provided comes nowhere near to justifying the price. 

       Rather than having numerous poor quality private insurers, I suggest that today’s Democratic leaders push for the implementation of a single-payer national healthcare system. This way, everyone will have access to necessary services while having the freedom to choose where they receive care. Expenses could be controlled through cost control and lower administrative costs. Single-payer healthcare is also a huge step for equality, as every American receives the same care regardless of socioeconomic status. This system has proven to be successful in other countries such as Canada, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Taiwan, and Sweden (Hellander). This change could be the difference between life and death for many Americans. 

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