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Call your legislators to override veto re: Women's Pre-release Center

01/31/2021 11:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The following is from Beth Tomasello of Montgomery County Democratic Women's Club:

Dear Friends of Women’s Prerelease,

I am writing to provide and update on the scheduling for the floor votes on the Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act override.  The Senate floor vote is currently scheduled for February 8, and the House vote is scheduled for February 9.  The floor votes were delayed because of Mike Miller’s memorial service last week.  The good news is that gives us more time to pressure our lawmakers. Please continue to have your members call or email legislative delegations and urge them to override the Governor’s veto of HB801/SB684, the Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act.  Please call or email Democrats and Republicans alike.  If the overrides are passed on a bipartisan basis, that would be ideal. 

Please continue to voice your view that the lack of a prerelease center is sex discrimination that must be remedied regardless of cost.  This unequal treatment of incarcerated women cannot continue, and failure to override the veto would leave the affected women little recourse but to bring a lawsuit against the state.  Stress that you would rather see the state spend the money to provide the prerelease center for women than to defend an indefensible lawsuit.  For those of you who read Maryland Matters, Deb Gardner, the Legal Director for the Public Justice Center, has written a Guest Commentary on the override that should be published soon.  The Guest Commentary lays out the constitutional issues, and you may want to link to it in your emails to your legislators.

Thank you all again so much for your support of this legislation last session and your support of the veto override.   I have spoken to many lawmakers about this override, and all have noted the broad support behind this bill.  They are talking about you, and I am so grateful for your great advocacy.  It’s working.





Beth Tomasello

Criminal Justice Reform & Public Safety Advocacy Captain

Montgomery County Women’s Democratic Club

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